Elon Musk Rocketman is a 5000 limited unrepeatable NFT art collection of unique programmatically generated NFT’s hosted on the Ethereum -Polygon blockchain.

Mint your beloved Elon and enjoy Elon Musk Rocketman NFT and unprecedented rewards in the form of publically trading DogecoinLabs Tokens. the tokens will be deposited in your wallet upon the minting completion. The 5000 unique NFT collectibles have been deployed on the Polygon blockchain in order to avoid gas fee payment by the NFT owners, in order to secure the owner’s NFT collectibles, the entire collection has been stored in form of IPFS with one of the most reliable hosting provider, An important legal note, as the owner and beneficiary of the NFT , you will have full irrevocable legal rights to the NFT, and use it with your sole discretion, Owning the Elon Musk will grant the holder full access to rapidly growing list of utilities such as 3D NFT minting rights, giveaway of future NFT collectibles, DogecoinLabs AirDrop tokens, and much more. Find and mint your beloved Elon and join us for a long ride of success and fun!



Upon completion of the entire minting process , rewards in the amount of $ 80,000 in the form of BTC/ETH will be awarded to 8 winners
$ 10,000 each, third party independent entity will supervise the rewards distribution to the winners wallet address.



Public Minting TBA

Minting Price


30 per Wallet

# 1125

# 3105

# 2633

# 3038

# 4177

# 3954

# 2389

# 4532

# 1140

# 4875

Mint your beloved ELON and receive Dogecoin Labs Tokens at a market value of at least $ 70 per one ELON

# 1904

# 3704

Mint Elon the Astronaut and receive $ 250 at market price of Dogecoin Labs Tokens, only 100 items will be minted in this category.

# 2404

# 1054

# 3239

# 4121

Mint your beloved Elon Angel and receive Dogecoin Labs Tokens at a market vlue of at least $70 per one Elon Angel


The Elon beloved $ 70, The Elon Angel $ 70 Elon person of the year $ 250

The rewards would be deposited in your wallet address immediately at the conclusion of the minting

On Polygon blockchain in order to avoid a gas fee for owners and was created with ERC-721 smart contract.

The IPFS files are hosted with Pinata. cloud, the most reliable hosting, and pinning provider.

Dogecoin Labs is one of the world’s renowned NFT art producer and Metaverse innovator, Its hyper-deflationary token distribute 10% transaction fee to the token holders on an hourly basis.